One of the things I love about Peachtree City is the absence of power lines.  We have underground power lines here.  There are two main benefits of no visible power lines(3) if you count not have to worry about Mr. Sp

Tokyo  a long way from home

Tokyo visits Taliesan West

arky’s advice that you never play or touch a downed power line.  Besides that, the two reasons are:  1)  No obstruction to the view, things are pretty clean around here in terms of view.  2)  We very rarely suffer electrical outages.

Recently, as in two weeks ago, I went to Phoenix, AZ.  One the places TOKYO and I went, with my husband J0e, was Frank Llyod Wright’s Winter Home –  Taliesan West.  When Wright first began construction of this great home, it was in the middle of dessert.  Phoenix was far away.  As Phoenix grew and electricity became increasingly popular power lines began to dot the view on the horizon from the plateau that Taliesan so proudly is perched upon while simultaneously being integrated into the site.  Our tour guide on the twilight tour said Wright was really upset about this engineering marvel and even wrote the President of the USA a letter complaining about it.  I don’t remember exactly when electricity was added to Taliesan, but I know that Wright did later design fixtures for some of the rooms that were electrified.  For more information on Taliesan West visit:

I plan to post pictures soon from Phoenix and some of the great architecture that Tokyo visited.  Stay tuned.