We just listed our house in Peachtree City a few weeks ago.  This momentous event was sandwiched between a trip to beautiful Cape San Blas, FL(now maybe not so beautiful thanks to BP) and Phoenix, AZ(very hot – oh! but it is a dry heat).  In case you didn’t hear Peachtree City is famous.  Not just because it has the infamous Peachtree name and is associated with Atlanta, but we are deemed by  MONEY mag as one of the best places to live. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2009/.  Yes we all drive golf carts on over 90 miles of paved nature trails.  These trails wind throughout subdivisions, recreation areas, lakes, and golf courses.  We are soon to be empty nesters and want a mid century modern home.  We are strongly considering moving into the city.  Well, probably the Decatur area.  So excuse my slow post rate as we are searching and selling.  So here is a link to a lovely home.  http://www.georgiamls.com/agentsite/search/propertyDetail.cfm?SiteID=CURCIOSTEPHA&LN=2894143  It is so well built and so private, yet central.  Right down the street is a great pond.  I will miss it.  But alas,  I have all the great memories of the time spent here with friends and my great family.  These are so much more portable, especially when traveling with TOKYO!