We are looking for a mid century modern style house.  In and around Decatur,GA would be nice.

Preferably a period house(one built around 1950 give or take a few years), but we just want a house with great details, lines, and ease to live in.  Ease to live in, for soon to be empty nesters,  essentially means no stairs or only few to glide between the split levels.  In thinking of this, or maybe it is not obsessing about this hunt for two minutes:  I thought of two of my favorite books on mid-century furniture and decorative arts.

Fifties Furniture by Leslie Pina

Scandinavian modern furnishings 1930-1970 designed for life by Michael Ellison and Leslie Pina

Pro: Both  volumes are by Schiffer Publishing and form a great addition to any reference library.  The books you find at Schiffer usually cover a more narrow segment of a topic  or area and in general are better.  Con: They do cost more.  But remember you get what you pay for and many of these books will become collectible in their own right.