This is  a picture of Tokyo, with the marsh and crabbing nets and fishing poles in the background, on St. Joe Bay in Cape San Blas, FL.  We enjoyed crabbing, even though we caught just a few large blue crab on STRING(with chicken pieces tied to it, of course).  I thought since the word String(+ing) was in the post that this would be a good time to share this photo of a busy, traveling Tokyo.

The term I want to discuss; however, involves furniture ornamentation.  Stringing is a thin strip, or “string”,  of wood that is inlaid into the surface wood of a piece of furniture or small wooden decorative object  This thin, long piece of wood is often done in a contrasting wood to the surrounding pieces of wood and serves to highlight a curve or section.  It is often seen sandwiching banding.    Stringing is often done in boxwood, satinwood, ebony, or walnut.  Stringing can be a sign of a quality piece of semi-antique or antique furniture as it originally was more labor intensive and costly than a piece without such fine decoration.

We hope this Tuesday term was helpful.  We would love to describe features of your fine furniture,  so give us a call.