Tokyo puts on her gloves

Tokyo would rather be in the tropics taking in the sun and exploring beautiful bromeliads, but it was time to protect and preserve. Protect and preserve the woodwork in the house.  Thursday tip: Find a great beeswax product to nourish and preserve the wood and leather in your home.  Depending on the environment in your home; meaning smoke, sun, heat, dust, and grease, I recommend using a preserving product once or twice a year after cleaning and drying.  I use Murphy’s oil soap for washing and a large fluffy rag for drying.  We love Skidmores products.

Restoration Cream is a creamy product that I use for both wood and leather.  Buff on, let dry,and buff off.  The Liquid Beeswax Woodfinish is great for wood.  I use it on everything wood – kitchen cabinets, wood floors, and antiques.  The consistency is  more like a semi-liquid, plus it smells awesome.  Clean and fresh.  Your prized possessions will retain their beauty and value, if cared for properly.

If  you have any questions about the finish on your fine furniture, please contact us for a free phone consultation.