I really love to see old advertising. It takes me back visually in a very strong way to the era from which that item hails.  These old items make me grin, thus the title for this Friday’s find blog post.  I recently found a fine example of advertising on a great bottle. This bottle of Burnett Gin had great coloration and even has the original metal lid.  The label was almost a 100% intact with just a small corner lifting. An important aspect of  this find is condition.  The paper has strong color and is not brittle.  The glass was clean and starting to show great signs of age.  This example was almost 100% complete.  All these characteristics contribute to value.

This was a garage sale find and this bottle, circa 1920, would have a retail price of about $25.00.  It always amazes me that someone kept this in their possession for all that time.

If you find yourself sorting through someone’s estate or you’re in charge of donations,a little research can often go a long way in helping you determine whether something is worth hanging on to or it should be tossed.  If you need additional help, remember our expert appraisers are always available to advise you. We FIND stuff fascinating any day of the week.