That is the question. Central to the idea of collecting or furnishing a home with great quality used furniture or decorative items is buying items.  We browse:

for sale by owner ads

go to garage or estate sales

attend auctions

walk through antique malls

looking for something to fit a particular need or to fit into a collection.  Often we  browse one of these venues of offerings to find something that strikes us or that is a “good” buy.  We pick up the item, look it over, examine the mark and the price.  We may look through an inventory on a hand-held device or in the card catalog of our mind.  Asking such questions as “Do I really need this?’  or “Will it fit with the rest of my collection”  or “Is the price awesome”.  We may tell ourselves that we have already spent enough money this week or that we’ll find another one later at the antique mall closer to home with lower prices.

All these questions boil down – “To buy or not to buy ?”  I am here to tell you that you should probably buy it if you really love it and the price is right and you can afford it.  I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t buy something in a mall while traveling and it gnawed at me incessantly.  Drive a mile, think how great that would have looked in the den.  Drive a mile, think of how sweet that piece really was.  Drive a mile and think of how great the lines were.  Get to where I was heading and lie down to sleep and toss and turn and think about the item.  I have never regretted anything I bought.  I have only regretted the things I didn’t buy or didn’t bid on.  Tip:  If you like it and can afford it then buy it.    If it ends up not working out then you can always sell it.

If the purchase is a large one and you need help  determining the value of a piece based on the characteristics of the item we are able to consult.  Happy Hunting.

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