Those of us who are interested in antiques know about the popular show Antiques Roadshow.  The show has become immensely popular with armchair appraisers, collectors, antiques enthusiast, and people who have a few of their family heirlooms sitting around the living room.  The show is so popular that there are many video clips on Youtube.  There is a list of the top ten most valuable items appraised on the show.  Below is a video clip of one of the top ten items “appraised” on the Roadshow.

This is number two on the top ten list. While in this clip the women owns a a painting by Clifford Still executed during his figurative phase and estimated to be valued at $500,000 for insurance purposes(insurance replacement value), Still is best known for his role as the founder of Abstract Expressionism. The most recent record I found for one of his abstract works sold at Christie’s auction house for 14 million on a 8-12 million estimate in 2008.

My daughter is an artist, who is currently working to possibly have her art exhibitied in a contemporary museum. So for me the greater lesson here is to support burgeoning artists in your local area and buy something you like. You never known when that artist might become famous and be the founder of a movement like “Abstract Expressionism” or have a show sponsored by the likes of Peggy Guggenheim. Keep on Collecting.

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