Many of us live to garage sale.  I consider garage sale to be a verb –  def:  stop at as many garage sales,tag sales,estate sales as one can and buy great stuff.  As I am sure many of you know, once you have the bug  to stop and  find great bargains in thrift stores, at auction, or in antique malls(Our gal Tokyo was found in a little antique mall in southern AL)  it is hard to escape this never ending quest for “The Great Find”.  So I had to share this article with you.

One of my fellow SMUG(Social Media Users Group) group members, John of Capital Horizons Consulting, brought my attention to an article about a great garage sale find. He described a photograph of a cowboy on a butte and said it was found at a garage sale. “The photograph was by a famous guy”,  John said. Immediately, I guessed Ansel Adams. I was right.

Wow! It was a find of  two boxes of large glass negative plates that were authenticated(See the upcoming Tue Term for a discussion of authentication) to have been Mr. Adams work. Click on the link to read the article.

The slides are estimated to be worth 200 million.  If you think you may have found a valuable item, the first step is to get an expert opinion.  We are here to help and provide that service.  Check out my blog post near the end of the month entitled – “The One that Got Away”Hint:  I earned my client 5 figures.

Blog On and be sure to stop at as many Garage Sales as you can,
Valerie aka ValtheEvaluator