While poking and prodding on the news story website:  Digg, I dug up the top story in Arts & Culture section  about a women who said the Ansel photographs discussed in yesterday’s post were not by Ansel but by her Uncle Earl.  Oh my gosh  –  Uncle Earl!  AOL Surge desk article quotes the women as saying “”I keep thinking that perhaps that box of negatives belongs to Uncle Earl,” Walton told Bay Area station KTVU, in a report published online Wednesday. ”  You can read the whole article at Digg.

This article demonstrates how difficult  it is to authenticate something. Various experts had combed over the glass slides and even the old paper they were written on. The handwriting experts said the paper was written on by Ansel’s wife. A theory was developed and spun about how the slides ended up in a storage unit and sold to the person, who then sold them at his garage sale.

We’ll  talk more about Authentication.  As part of this topic, I plan to cover those pieces of paper attached to the back of art or in a box with a collectible. This complex topic is slated for a dedicated blog post on Aug 10th – so check back.

Tell us, from what you read, Do you think Ansel or Earl took those great nature shots during the mid-century ?

Blog On – 5 days completed!