Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham is 50 years old. I like Dr. Seuss.  I like the rhymes.  The fun and puns.  50 years –  let’s have no sneers.

I found this colorful article on Digg about this Anniversary.  I think you’ll find not a particle of this article out-of-place.  Now race to click the link – while I sink and become pink – that Green and Eggs and Ham is older than many who read my daily think .  His prose is still like a rose to those in the know. And to those –  who are just beginning the show.

To me, the art  just doesn’t seem like a graphic product of the “mid-century”.  It is timeless, more like a piece of Danish mid-century furniture than mid-century graphic art.

After reading the article, I decided to do a check on recent sales of Dr. Seuss items.  In checking LiveAuctioneers, I found a signed photo sold for $350, a printed Cat in the Hat Stationary card, with autograph, sold for $100.  The strongest sellers seemed to be original cartoon art with autographs.  One was a 4″H x 6″W yellow giraffe with autograph selling for $950.00.  The second was an original Cat and the Hat felt tip drawing, measuring 10″H x 6″W , with autograph which sold for $2525.00.  Both pieces of original felt tip art sold in England in the last two years.  Values for books, sold at auction, ranged from $5-$35.

Since I knew little about Seuss, I checked out Wikipedia and found Seuss was his middle name, that he wrote over sixty books for children, and also was an ad illustrator.  I found the fact that ” during World War II, he worked in an animation department of the U.S Army, where he wrote Design for Death, a film that later won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature. ” to be the most unexpected finding.  This film dealt with Japanese culture and the origins of the war. Before this he was a political cartoonist for a New York paper.

I also found it interesting that he did not have any children.  Wiki reports him as saying , when asked about this, “You have ’em; I’ll entertain ’em.”

Hope you have a day that is simply wonderful.  If we can help, with either traditional antiques or modern collectibles, contact us.

So jump like a frog to comment with rhyme on this blog.  To post and roast Dr. Seuss with trisyllable meter.  Nothing could be sweeter to us – the readers.

Blogging on.