Soothing music and delicate beauty make for a nice Sunday post.  I found this great art video on YouTube. It is entitled, Women in Art. It is comprised of women in Western Art and accompanied by the music of Bach.  It is a a very pleasing compilation of art.  Philip Scott Johnson, who was nominated for Most Creative Video on YouTube in 2007, morphs woman’s faces from paintings.  Each painting blends and nods to the next.  The music really makes it seem almost like a a dance.  It is alluring and dreamy and gives a sensation of floating.  It does what all art should do for the viewer, elicit a feeling or reaction.  It really is one of the more artistic videos I have seen on YouTube.

I also have included a link to a list of the paintings in the video, as referenced in the video comments.

One of the elements that jumped out immediately to the eye of this appraiser was the attire.  Expert appraisers use attire and accessories, in addition to many other factors, to evaluate and value fine portrait art.  If we can be of any service in establishing or updating documentation for either your personal records or to obtain coverage for your art collection, or any other antique or fine residential contents collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Remember to see our post, about our summer savings on appraisal services.