Green Artwork is the new Wave I decided I would get a bit personal in my post today.  My daughter recently graduated with two college degrees this summer.  A degree in Studio Art and Psychology.  Today, my husband and I are taking our son to his Freshman year of college.  He is attending(and boarding at – yes traffic really is that bad and Atlanta is really that huge)Southern Polytechnic State University(a small but tough science, architecture, and engineering school) in Atlanta.  I thought this picture represented them both.  I also thought it was indicative of  the recent surge in media attention surrounding recycle, reuse, repurpose.  Antiques and art fit squarely in this freshly embraced world motto.  No longer is recycling just for the stereotypical tree huger type. Businesses, individuals, artists, collectors, and schools are all aboard this wave.

Therefore, I proudly present my recycling effort.  These pictures of art, 3-D structures engineered from recycled materials, that I have  recycled and reused for today’s blog post.  A busy and exciting day full of art, science, and reuse as I take my son to college. Where new ideas become tomorrow’s art and old wisdom is recycled.  Where science is evolving and engineering has a new challenge to meet the demand and widening realization that resources are limited and reusing or reducing is important.

Enjoy the fabulous pictures of artful sculptures by Jean Shin. I thought this quote about the artist on Wikipedia as thoughtful – “The resulting sculptures and installations consist of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of seemingly identical objects, each of which carries a multitude of potential meanings that inspire both personal and collective associations.”

I have also shared a couple photos from my daughter’s senior art show.

A Mind Map

She created a fastidious contemporary artwork, entitled self.observation. She recorded her thoughts each minute for a 24 hour period and then reused those words in the work.  She is creating another larger show  based on her “thought capture” that is due to be exhibited in the fall.  I will keep you posted.

The Self Observation Wall

Comment. Which piece of Jean Shin’s is your favorite?  The knitter in me liked the sweaters, while the collector in me likes the use of obsolete Rolodex cards and records.

Thanks for sharing this big day in this milestone summer with me.

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