50 years later and still much to MOO about!

When I saw this item, I immediately recognized it as Scandinavian and remembered seeing it a mid century book.  The white glazed pitcher measures 4.5″H x 6″W. This  over sized cream pitcher is decorated with a stylized cow composed of exaggerated geometric shapes in a solid color with black horns and black udders.

Imprinted mark on bottom reads- “Arabia made in Finland”  then some Finnish and then “Decor protected by Glaze”.
I have seen this pattern in blue, green, and yellow.  When I found this item, I searched around and even asked the person selling her parent’s stuff if she had any more.  In terms of whether there was ever more in this pattern, I have not concretely found the answer to that question.  So I ask, you “Do you know if more than just a hand full of accent pieces were made in this style ?

I searched on eBay and only found the creamers.  I then looked on Replacements.com and found what I thought to be the name of the pattern, Animal Kingdom, with only (2) pieces listed.  These were a cow creamer and cat coasters.  However, none were available.  Back to the book.  The book in which I remembered seeing the cute cow.  I searched the mid-century section of my book collection.  We appraisers use a great many books in our research and it works out perfectly – it gives us something new to collect!

I finally found the piece.  On page 36, in the book entitled Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass, 1940s to 1980s. Every time I open this book it almost takes my breathe away.  I can’t help looking at more then what I came searching for.  The pictures are large, crisp, artful, and detailed.  In a previous post, I talked about one of my favorite publishers – Schiffer, this book is A Schiffer book for Collectors. Double tip today – Buy a book or two directly from Schiffer and they’ll send you discount codes for future purchases – 20% – 40%.  The book shows the pattern in the cow, butterfly, and cat.  All are pictured as creamers or small pitchers.  When I stop and think about, I can see where this line would only be in accessory pieces as it would compliment some the more minimalist white and black Arabia designs in a mirthful manner.  A whole set would be just a bit much whimsy, don;t you think ?

Another point that I like about this book, is it has an artist biography section in the back.  Kaj Franck(1911-1989) designed the line  for the “FA” body.  The biography states that “he is considered something of a Renaissance man in the field of modern design.”  He is best know for his ceramic and glass designs for Arabia and Nuutajarvi-Notsjo.  He joined Arabia in the early post-war years with a new generation of artists.  They brought with them new ideas and directions for Arabia.  Kaj joined Arabia in 1945 and became the head of the houseware design department shortly thereafter.  His  designs for production dinnerware and art-ware in porcelain and stoneware soon became a mainstay in the Arabia lineup.

The value of this large cow creamer is in the $45-80 range.

I am so pleased that I was able to share this piece with you.  Have a fun weekend and remember you are never too old for a bit of whimsy.

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Valerie Hale, ISA AM


This is another Scandinavian artist whose work is a bit different then the norm.  It is not  minimalist and includes curvy lines and design features.  But look at the value stated on a full set of dishes.  I consider over a $1,000 to be something worth looking into if you own a complete set.  You would want to check with your insurance carrier to make sure you are covered or whether you need an appraisal and rider.  Mid century modern design is hot and values keep increasing.