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An email from a knitting subscription I belong to, Knitting Daily,  came into my inbox today.  I read it and thought it would be great to share on the blog.  I haven’t blogged about textiles or vintage needlework, so I decided since knitting is a personal love of mine I would do a blog post related to this subject.  Tuesday’s Term is piecework. Piecework, is defined literally as, ” types of employment  in which a worker is paid a fixed “piece rate” for each unit produced or action performed.”  But for collectibles and vintage textile collecting, it has a more loose definition.  It means in this context, a single piece of hand executed work, usually done on or by a needle or needles.  Like a piece of tatting, a knitted vest, or a needlepoint seat cover.

For those of you interested in piecework and unfamiliar with a great magazine dedicated to a historical perspective on knitting and piecework, I have provided a link.

Many people collect the antique tools associated with creating piecework as they deem these more sturdy and easier to display as they are usually small and of fine woods or natural materials.

Two interesting books on this area of collecting are:
Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries
The Story of Antique Needlework Tools (Schiffer Book for Collectors.)

As with all collections: collect what you love. For actual needlework or piecework collectibles: make sure you store these collectibles correctly. Either roll in acid free muslin or frame in UV protective manner. It is important to wash these collectibles to keep insect and other damage from occurring. Consult with a quilt shop to find a suitable cleaner.

These are amazing pieces of history. It is often hard to know precisely who executed the work, but with study or consultation with an expert, you can date your piecework fairly accurately. Tell us about your favorite piece of piecework.

Right before post I ran across a needlework collection speciality auction that is happening this week.  Here is the Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates’ Aug. 28 auction a stitch in time auction summary.
PEACE and Blog on.