One the magazines I subscribe to for my job is an English Antiques Magazine.  The magazine’s publisher is the Antiques Collectors’ Club. Entitled Antique Collecting, it is an established magazine. Content is rich and photographs are professional and detailed. This group also publishes very nice reference books. By subscribing to the magazine, you get a discount on book pre-orders and sales. Savings from pumping up your reference book collection  just about pay for the magazine!

Here is a link to a story excerpt from the May issue on Game collecting that I read and found interesting. The author, Luke Honey , notes that buying early 20th century board games is very doable at around $75.  Here is a quote from the article about the popularity of board games: “The 20th century was a great period for popular board games. Improvements in both printing techniques and manufacturing spawned a plethora of new companies. Thousands of games were produced to meet the massive demand caused by an increasingly affluent middle class. And with this new affluence came leisure. And competition.”

Note that he discusses how money and leisure spurred the competitive gene. These factors contributed to the rising popularity of board games. He uses some examples of early 20th century games in a single genre: horse racing to illustrate that a specialized collection is easily formed.

Knowledge is important when collecting.  Enjoy this recommendation from across the pond and I hope you too become fond of this publisher.