Illustrated in the enclosed video are two important factors which can really pump up vintage collections. I usually mean an item is in the 20 to 70-year-old age range when I label something vintage.  This collection demonstrates that condition varies.  As appraisers, we take a close look at condition.  Condition, as mentioned in the value blog post a few days ago, is what really drives value.  It can literally make or break an item’s appeal.  Second, even though you are looking at the lowly dump truck, the video illustrates that collection focus can really add heft to overall impact. A group of mundane or everyday items, viewed in mass, has impact and interest.

Many of these toy trucks seem well-played with and loved. A long forgotten favorite toy. A toy someone wrote Santa about for Christmas, promising good behavior for eternity if it appeared under the tree.   However, the really worn trucks probably have little value, unless extremely rare.

The collection is interesting, even though highly focused, due to variety.  Variety is spice of life and it is also the spice of a collection. A cohesive collection shows intent and intent can boost value.

If you have any collecting questions, feel free to post them here.  We add value to your collections by arming you with a “truck”  load of information.  Information is power.

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