School Transport in Peachtree City, GA

This is a photo of the road that borders the back of the local high school in the city I live. My town is probably a bit different from your town. We drive golf carts as a major mode of transport. Particularly the tweens and teens among us. We have over a 100 miles of paved nature trails. The kids instead of being dropped off at high school by Mom or Dad on the way to work, drive themselves. The driver usually picks up a few friends and off they go. The crossing guards make sure they can pass without accident twice day through the golf cart crossing point at a major town intersection, marked in paint on the roads, without incidence. So what do golf carts and driving them to school have to do with antiques and collectibles and more importantly with you ?  They illustrate a point that with time changes occur in the way people do things and what they want. Secondly, it shows that regional differences impact our lives and how we conduct business .

First, let us discuss changes that occur over time. Taste definitely changes over time. Currently, people are looking for cleaner lines, cool statement pieces, small pieces to supplement their existing decor. Small chests of drawers. Mid century modern. Small buffets. Tables and stands to put flat screen TVs on. Heavy, fussy stuff is not what people seek.  Old fashioned ice boxes once prized by many in the 60s and 70s, are no longer sought after today. People are more focused on function. What something contributes to their life and space. Silver flatware and  is not often given as wedding gifts. People don’t entertain they way they did in decades past. No time for polishing silver when you have to work, then cook, and take care of the kids and the dogs.  Not to mention read blogs and email pictures to friends and family.  While these are a few examples, it is important to note that demand dictates what people eagerly look  for  in the secondary market. As you know from your economics course, high demand and limited supply equal a greater price. Appraisers spend a great deal of time studying and keeping abreast of changing market trends.  Market trends affect price and value.

This effect is also seen in the collectibles market. Today baby boomers seek  the toys and decor that they grew up with. Someone who grew up in the 70s may now be actively collecting the things they thought were nifty and cool. Items they didn’t have or have long since lost. I know you probably have fond memories of items like these; that if you saw them for sale you would stop and consider buying them.

Secondly, the photo illustrates regional differences. Few regions have kids driving golf carts to school. The same applies to antiques and art. Some regions like oak furniture, because little of it made its way out west due to its weight. Texas art is very collectible in Texas. However, Texas art is not generally considered in demand in the North. Southwestern art is big in the southwest, but again not so favored in FL, GA and the rest of the southeast. How do you know if a particular painting or piece of furniture or decorative art is subject to  regional demands? How do you figure out if it is a painting done in CA or FL ? You have knowledge and know that appraisers of personal property are the experts to call. Share this post by retweeting. Share the love. Share the knowledge. The golf cart photo is also a somewhat amusing bonus.