We have had a whirlwind of a week here in Atlanta.  My daughter and I went to Chicago for 3 days for a very exciting art related visit.  I can’t wait to blog all about it.  However, I wanted to blog about a visit with family first and what I have done since Chicago.  The Chicago stuff should yield enough good material for several blog posts, so stay tuned.

On Saturday, my husband, son, and I went to his sister’s home in the historical and desirable area of midtown Atlanta called Virginia Highlands.  It is a walking community minutes from all the great sights, tastes, and sounds of Atlanta.  Brunch was the order of the day.  Family from Illinois were the guests of honor.  The stopped by on their way home from a trip to Florida.  Here is a picture of Joe’s Aunt Florence with Tokyo.  Aunt Florence(really great Aunt Florence) is 94 years old!  Tokyo was so excited to travel into midtown and pose with one of the cutest and sweetest woman.

This was the first time Aunt Florence had been to Sally’s house.  The tour began in the kitchen and warmed my heart as they touched the kitchen table and remembered that it had belonged to Mom(Sally’s and Joe’s).  Sally and Flo remembered it her  kitchen.  Next they picked up the fine china and talked about the pattern and how it had been mother’s and what a thrill it was to use for brunch.  The tour continued into the dining room, where they peered into the china cabinet, arms looped together, and marveled at the beautiful vases and painted curio items from Pearl.  Grandma Pearl amassed quite the collection of fine painted porcelain and glass items.  They continued this sweet stroll down memory lane together throughout the rest of the bungalow.

I know you can relate.  You too probably have special items from special loved one’s in your life.  My question is, “How often do you get those items out and use them ?”  “Do you share them with others and walk down memory lane ?”  “Do you believe as I do, that cherished memories are really what the items represent ?”   I urge you to share your beautiful and memories with family members.  Take out the items and use them and touch them.  Relish the thoughts and feelings.  While we as appraisers cannot value the sentiment, professional appraisers like those at www.iappraise4u.com certainly acknowledge and understand special memories.  We just “strolled the lane” this weekend!

Below is a picture of the group.  It was such a beautiful early fall day and wonderful time to share memories with each other.

Aunt Florence and Fritz, Sally and Tokyo, Chris and Gracie, Joe, Ron, and Gary