Shopping Tips - Make shopping Great!

Fall is a perfect time for a surge in shopping, the air is cool, the kids are back in school, and there is no holiday rush.  Outdoor antique shows or monthly shows are an excellent place to spend some time browsing.  Antique malls are usually brimming with nice finds, as the months of August and September are historically low traffic months making October and November a good time to snag great stuff.  Due to my love of shopping, I thought I would offer you four tips, for this Thursday’s Tip Blog,  for shopping in antique malls.

1)      Always ask for a discount. Most shops give 10% off for purchases above a certain dollar amount –  usually $20 or $25 dollars.  Also watch for signs in booth, advertising a percentage off.  Some shoppers actually miss these and mall staff may not always point out the dealers with sales.

2)      Start thinking of your holiday shopping list. With the surge in awareness about recycling, reusing, or repurposing you are honoring anothers awareness and dedication to this cause.  Neat stuff, unique and personal treasures(which turn into cool gifts from you) are yours for the gifting if you start the hunt early with specific people in mind.  For instance, a vintage camera for the photography buff  or a wonderful leather tome of English authors for the avid reader(with or without a Kindle!) make thoughtful gifts.  Do your part for the environment and recycle.  Shop with zeal. Your zest and thoughtfulness equals gifts which say –  you cared enough to hunt with forethought.  These items keep giving for years and generations to come and are not forgotten before the holiday decorations hit the packing boxes.

3)      If you are drop dead serious about purchasing the item, it is fair game to make a reasonable offer.  I define sane and reasonable in the range of 15-20% off.

4)      As always, if you love it and think you will regret leaving it behind – Buy it! You would not want it gone when you come back and life is much too short for regrets.  Especially regrets so easily adverted with a few $$$.

So clip that virtual, coupon and ask for a discount.  Enjoy your finds.  ValtheEvaluator